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  • January 16, 2015
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“Control of these light machines is very easy and actually more responsive than our existing petrol ones. Set on level one, when you’re 10 metres away from leaf blowing, you can barely hear it. Even on the top level four, it sounds a bit like a hair-drier, no more than that.”

Eamonn Murphy
Grounds and Gardens Manager at Haileybury School

"At first, one of the residents at one of our sites thought that the blower was actually broken because it was so quiet! We can now start work on site earlier which also enables us to get on with other tasks.”

Charles Rodriguez
Owner of Garden Thyme Limited

“Hand-arm vibration is one of the biggest issues we have when sourcing equipment. Keeping to within a tally of 400 points per user per machine makes achieving optimum efficiency a constant challenge. The Pellenc equipment is well suited to offering a full day of safe and comfortable usage.”

Arthur Kinge
Operational Supervisor at Guildford Borough Council

“The low noise of the products has two main advantages. The first is the obvious noise reduction for the operator and the second being the clients where we work. Since we’ve purchased the Pellenc tools we’ve had many comments from clients saying how quiet we are. We’ve also been known to be outside working as early as 6am in the summer months!”

Stuart Brogdan
Owner of Eco Garden Maintenance

“The new Pellenc blowers mean we can start as early as 7.00am and nobody can hear them. It’s made a massive difference. No annoyance to locals, members having clear courts for early play and everywhere looks tidy ahead of our earliest arrivals.”

Peter Craig
Grounds Manager at the Hurlingham Club

“At first and because of past experience with electric equipment, I was a little sceptical about whether such quiet machines would actually have the power to do the job we wanted them to do. I don’t mind admitting that I have been proved wrong. In fact, I would actually say it’s even more powerful than a conventional petrol blower of the same size.”

Oliver Deeming
Grounds Maintenance Manager at the University of East Anglia (UEA)

“They are extremely lightweight with low noise and vibration levels. When the estates team first saw Pellenc, some staff members were sceptical as they felt that battery-powered equipment wouldn’t be able to do as a good of a job as the petrol-powered equipment, but as soon as they started to use it, they were so impressed with the power that they now return to it first time.”

Peter Anderson
Machinery maintenance engineer at RHS Wisley

“I like the fact that you are able to work at variable speeds which are easy to adjust to the correct working speed. For what we do here, this technology is perfect as you have a lot of control and get a really good finish, whilst being extremely versatile.”

Eric Olson
The Royal Automobile Club Estate Manager

“At the end of the day if you’ve got a garden of this size, and this is a very complex garden with a lot of detailed work in all manner of areas, then you’ve got to look out for things that make life easier. The products have been a god-send and for me it was money well spent.”

Mike Dunnett
Private Gardener, Worcester.

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