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  • January 16, 2015
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“We researched the Pellenc equipment and attended a demonstration day, organised by our dealer. We were so impressed that we decided to purchase an Airion blower, Helion hedge cutter and Cultivion power hoe with two batteries.”

Eric Olson
Royal Automobile Club Estate Manager

“In the past there used to be many more gardeners doing the work here, but now equipment plays a much bigger role, so it’s important that what we use earns its keep. These new machines certainly do that. They are a dream to use.”

Penny Hammond
Head gardener at Saltram House National Trust

“These machines are lighter and cost less to run than their petrol equivalents.”

Arthur Kinge
Arthur Kinge, Operational Supervisor at Guildford Borough Council

“There is no scorch and the risk of error is far less. Switching to this equipment has saved me three weeks work – easily.”

Tanis Roberts
Tintinhull Garden National Trust

“The new Pellenc hedge trimmer is a lot more user friendly and the environmental advantages are considerable. We are a lot more comfortable doing the work when visitors are here because they are not inconvenienced at all.”

Damien Mitchell
The gardener-in-charge at Lytes Cary Manor National Trust

“I like the fact that you are able to work at variable speeds which are easy to adjust to the correct working speed. For what we do here, this technology is perfect as you have a lot of control and get a really good finish, whilst being extremely versatile.”

Eric Olson
The Royal Automobile Club Estate Manager

“I would have spent half the money on petrol operated equipment but these Pellenc products will save me money in the long run on fuel and I can’t imagine that they wear out quickly – they are really well-built pieces of equipment.”

Mike Dunnett
Private Gardener, Worcester

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