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  • January 8, 2015
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Angus Lindsay

“The PRO 46 mowers are bullet proof but also light weight which enables one-man grass cutting teams to operate.”

Craig Stockton
Managing Director Sherratt Landscapes

“We chose the PRO 46 PBE push and PBTS self-propelled models after several successful demonstrations, mainly due to Etesia’s excellent reliability record over the last ten years. The good thing about these models is that they are extremely versatile and good at cutting & collecting. Whilst the majority of our work is cut and collect, some is cut and drop, so it’s useful that we only need one machine for both jobs. We now have around 250-300 Etesia pedestrian rotaries in our fleet so we see them as our pedestrian mower of choice and Etesia is a key supplier,”

Stuart Darbyshire
Glendale’s Commercial Director

“When we first decided to buy Etesia, their mowers come out on top on both the operators’ and mechanics’ evaluations, for comfort and ease of use, robustness, manoeuvrability, easy maintenance and the fact that they have easy-to-fold handle bars and are easy to transport between sites on the back of our ATV’s.”

Gary Watts
Horticulture Supervisor at Nottingham City Council Parks

“The Pro 46 is well built, solid and 100% reliable. We can’t be without them. If you want a commercial mower to last, which is trouble free, buy an Etesia.”

John Vincent
Green Grass Services

“These Pro 46s are certainly light and easy to manoeuvre. The areas we mow are always left free of unsightly mowing debris, so the contract spec is fully met month after month.”

Allen Welch
Contract Supervisor at FGS

“We mainly use the Pro 46 on domestic and commercial jobs where there are groups of lawns that are on different levels, terraced, up steps or on slopes of which there are a few we maintain. We always use the pro 46 when we have laid a new lawn and it’s time for the first cut because it is light enough to not ‘pull’ any joints apart and always gives a sharp looking cut”.

Terry Bates
MD Bates Garden maintenance

Etesia simply excell in wet grass conditions - you can cut 2 inches in the driving rain without a problem (personal experience last year with a PHTS 46).

David Cox
C & S Gardens, Yorkshire

We love our Etesia PRO 46's.They cut long grass in torrential rain without blocking and without leaving clumps of grass everywhere.

NM Garden Services

No doubt about it... the Etesia pro46,for me anyway,got me through one of the worst summers
on record and allowed me to sleep at night! The light weight gave very little tracking and pickup was great. Not only that but wheeling back to the van was one of the cleanest of any mower.........I just hate cleaning up after mowers which drop wet grass from the underside ... a green staining mess.

Gordon Easson
Mow n Strim


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