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  • January 14, 2015
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“The manoeuvrability of the Hydro 80 is fantastic. The fact that they can fit through gates whilst cutting and collecting even in the wet is by far its best feature.”

Craig Stockton
Managing Director Sherratt Landscapes

“The Hydro 80 is probably the best machine we’ve purchased. It cut mowing down compared to push mowers and speeded up what our teams can do, allowing them to do other jobs”. We like the fact that we have one machine that can do different jobs.”

David Ramsden
Contract Supervisor Places for People

“We were starting to win more sites and contracts so we decided that we needed to speed things up a little bit. The Hydro 80 was perfect – it wasn’t too big, it could fit through small gates, it was quick and it could collect just as well as any pedestrian mower – better in some cases. Quite simply, it was out performing everything else that we had which included machines from some very well-known brands.”

Matthew Tromans
Director of Creative Gardening Solutions

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