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  • January 14, 2015
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“Etesia manufacture very reliable and long lasting equipment suitable for large domestic users or full time contractors like me. The mower has made mowing long, wet grass possible because of the way it collect and does not block.”

Iain Hart
Private user from Lincolnshire

“I like the fact that we can cut, collect or cut and drop using the same machine because it saves us so much time. We order three new machines per year, which simply replace the oldest ones and so the cycle continues.”

David Ramsden
Contract Supervisor Places for People

“The grass we maintain is definitely looking better already. The job may be taking a little longer because of the collection of clippings, which we deposit at a recycling depot, but because there is no cutting debris it is better for residents and more satisfying for the grounds care team.”

Balavant Barber
of Hackney Homes

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