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  • January 14, 2015
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“It did a really good job – absolutely brilliant.”

Lance Ingram
Lance Ingram, Head of Grounds and Plants for Marwell Wildlife in Hampshire

“It’s been excellent in the wet. If it wasn’t for the tyre marks it would leave, you could even use it to cut and collect in 2” of water it’s that good!”

Tom Hepburn
Team Leader Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust

“It does a good job, they are reliable and also the machines are user friendly. In particular, our operatives like the hydrostatic and hi-lift features which with only two levers and no confusing buttons is very easy to use.”

Derrick Robertson
Landscape’s Yard and Machinery Manager

“It will be used all year round because it is so versatile. You can tell that this a premium piece of kit and I’ve been genuinely impressed with it. Even in wet conditions it still sucks it up – with our other machine we had to have perfect conditions for it to do a good job otherwise it just wouldn’t do it. “I like the fact that the grass box tells you when it’s full and the high lift is a massive help for us too because it saves us double moving everything.”

Karl Brotherhood
Head of grounds at Solihull School

“I tested a whole host of machines which included pretty much every premium ride-on mower in the marketplace. I was willing to spend a large amount of money but it wasn’t about the money – it was about the quality of cut. I had tried another mower the day before the demonstration and I thought my mind was made up. I knew that the Hydro 124 DN would have to be at least twice as good for me to go for it. I trialled it and it was absolutely brilliant. I tried to break it and I tried to clog it – I’ve been doing this for a long time now and I know how to clog a mower but I just couldn’t do it.”

Matthew Tromans
Director of Creative Gardening Solutions

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